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Bible Input Method — for typing Biblical scripts with complete diacriticals into any Java application — β

Java makes it easy to add virtual keyboards to every Java application that you run on your computer, simply by copying one file into your Java installation.

I have written a set of such keyboards (technically called Input Methods) for typing Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic with all the accents needed for Biblical scripts, on UK and US keyboards.

Installing is very easy...

Download the latest BibleIM jar file by clicking here.

Copy it into the lib/ext directory of your java installation.  This is probably:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\ext

That's it!

Using is even easier!

Now, whenever you start any java application, if you want to type Greek or Hebrew, simply click on the coffee cup at the top left of that application's window: (the instructions that follow are for Windows; if you are using linux or a Mac, see the IM reference page)
coffee cup

Now click on "Select Input Method":
select IM

Finally, select the keyboard you want from the options it will give you:
keyboard choice menu

If, as in the example, you choose Greek with a US keyboard layout, you'll see a virtual keyboard like this:
virtual keyboard

To return to your normal keyboard, click on the same menu and choose from among the System Input Methods:

You can do the same by right-clicking on the application's entry on the windows menu bar: menu bar

If you're a java application developer...

The BibleIM jar comes with some hooks for java applications to offer up the keyboards more intuitively to the end user.  If you want to use those, you may want to take a look at the trivial sample application, Bible Unicode Pad, which exists only to demonstrate how easily the hooks work. :-)  The source code is Free (under GPL v2) and can be found here.