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Cite SBLHS — towards more fruitful essay writing

Cite SBLHS is designed to produce citation footnotes, endnotes and a bibliography for publications conforming to the Society for Biblical Literature's  Handbook of Style: For Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies (aka SBLHS).  It also includes integration with Ibidem, the bibliographic management tool of Nota Bene.

It has been used by students and scholars on five continents since 2007.  You may like to read some testimonials.


Installing and using is easy:

Installing and running CiteSBLHS on Windows

Installing and running CiteSBLHS on a Mac

Linux: I assume you know what you're doing!  Follow the instructions for Windows, mutatis mutandis.


Samples of what Cite SBLHS will do for you

The sample project file SampleProject.oap has some example “essays.”  These are collections of citations, matching a particular piece of writing that you're engaged with.  The sample essays match the three collections of examples described in the installation instructions above: from the SBLHS manual, the Oak Hill guidelines and my extras.   Each essay can be exported to an RTF file to make it easy to copy citations into footnotes/endnotes or into Nota Bene, and to copy a complete bibliography.  Here are the RTF files for those example essays:


A couple of testimonials by Cite SBLHS users

Steffen, thank you so much for your skill in producing this excellent application and for your generosity in releasing it freely. My students are indebted to you.

John Kendall, Lecturer at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST)

I have introduced students to this resource and they have found it immensely helpful when preparing bibliographies and footnotes in formal papers. For those who have used it, I have found no errors in the way it correlates the data to the SBL Handbook of Style. I highly recommend this tool as convenient, reliable, and easy to use. 

Dr. James Nogalski, Department of Religion, Baylor University; author of the Student Supplement for the SBL Handbook of Style

Great job Steffen. This software has saved me hours! Thanks for all the revisions/updates too.  :-)

Dr. Jason Roach, student, Oak Hill Theological College

A big thank you for your great piece of software Cite SBLHS. I had completed an MA Dissertation when I discovered that the referencing system had been changed from Harvard to SBLHS and had a very shot time to re-reference the entire thing. Your software was a life saver.

Colin D. Jones