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Installing CiteSBLHS on a Mac

Disclaimer: I have never used a Mac in my life; if there are mistakes below, please let me know, but I trust you can probably work out what you should be trying to do!

Ensure you have Java 6 installed.

Follow these instructions.

Download the latest CiteSBLHS file.

Download and save the latest jar file from here.  Remember where you save it to, such as your desktop.

Configure Java 6 to have enough memory

Some users, on Windows, report that Java is running out of memory when their project files approach 400 or so records.  This is because java, by default, does not allow itself to access more than a tiny portion of the memory available on your wonderful computer. That is easily fixed!

I'm afraid I have no idea how to set your JVM parameters on a Mac. Any savvy Mac users who know how to do this, do please drop me a line!  (See the Windows instructions on Configuring Java 6 to have more memory to see what you're aiming for.)

Download a sample project file

Download a sample project file and save it somewhere where you'll remember it, such as in "My Documents." (It will be called SampleProject-v-NNNN.oap, where NNNN is a version of CiteSBLHS.)  It will help you to get started with CiteSBLHS really quickly.

You should load the above file (SampleProject-v-NNNN.oap,) into Cite SBLHS when you start, as it will provide useful worked examples to follow when entering your own records (most easily done by simply adding your records to this file).  It includes records representing:


That's it: run CiteSBLHS!

You're done: just double click on the jar file you saved above and CiteSBLHS will start.

Follow the instructions that come in CiteSBLHS itself on the front screen that loads.  Remember to start by opening the sample project you downloaded just now.  It has lots of examples and it also means your auto-completions will come pre-loaded with the authors and publishers in those examples.