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Configuring Java 6 to give CiteSBLHS more memory

By default, Java starts all applications with an initial 32Mb of RAM and the option to increase to up to 128Mb.  Sometimes that initial 32Mb limit is causing problems, especially with large projects in Cite SBLHS.  Here is how to increase those limits.

Note: it ought to be possible to do this much more easily via the Java Control Panel, but it does not appear to work.

  1. Find wherever you've saved your CiteSBLHS.jar file to.  If it's on the desktop, simply make sure you can see it on the desktop.  If it's in a folder in your documents, open that folder.  (Open "My Documents" from the Windows start menu.)
    Start menu
  2. Once you can see your CiteSBLHS.jar, right click on the icon with the mouse.  A menu will open; select "Send To" and then select "Desktop (create shortcut).
  3. This will have created a shortcut on your desktop.  Find that shortcut, and right click on it (make sure it's the shortcut, and not the jar file itself).  Select properties.
    RightClick icon
  4. Select the "shortcut" tab in the middle at the top:
    shotcut tab
  5. Click in the text box to the right of "Target" and move the cursor all the way to the left.
  6. Copy and paste the following at the start of that text box, and make sure you put a space at the end.  Include the quotation marks.

    "c:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xms128M -Xmx512M -jar
    typed in

  7. Now you need to decide how much memory to allow.  If you have enough on your computer, I'd suggest an initial 128Mb and a maximum of 512Mb, which is what you've copied in above.  If you don't have 512Mb of RAM, you can reduce to 256, or less, just by replacing that number where you've just pasted it.  You'll know if you need to reduce it because what follows won't work.  For now, I suggest you keep going.  You can return to this step later.
  8. Click on "Apply" at the bottom right.
  9. Go back to the icon itself, and double-click on it.  Beware: the icon should be a slightly different steaming Java cup, like this.  If you don't see a steaming java cup there, you may have installed java in a non-standard location.  You'll have to change the target text to match.
    new icon
  10. If CiteSBLHS starts, then the above worked fine.  You have enough memory on your PC.  You can close the Properties dialog: click "OK".
  11. If CiteSBLHS doesn't start, you don't have as much memory on your PC as you asked it for.  In the "Target" box in the Properties dialog that should still be open, find where you typed "-Xmx512M" and reduce 512; perhaps try 256 next.  Click the apply button and double click the icon again.
  12. You may need to do some trial-on-error of steps 8-11.  Sorry!
  13. You're done: you can now keep going with the installation.